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2003:   Gros Morne National Park

2004:   Gros Morne National Park

2005:   Gros Morne National Park

2006:   Lavrock, Avalon Peninsula

2007:   Burry Heights, Avalon Peninsula

2008:   Lion Max Siimms Camp, Central Newfoundland

Labrador Strait Barrens, Labrador

            Konrad Brook, Labrador

2009:   Lion Max Simms Camp, Central Newfoundland

2010:   Great Northern Peninsula

            Winter Walk, Pasadena

2011:   Faculty Foray, Main River

Winter Walk, Pasadena

Terra Nova National Park

2012:   Spring Walk, Pasadena

Terra Nova National Park  

2013:   Fogo Island

2014:  Gros Morne National Park

2015    Gros Morne National Park

Foray Reports:

These reports are in downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Choose the report you wish to read by clicking on the title. Some of these reports will take some time to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once downloaded, you can store the file on your own computer for quick retrieval later or print a copy. Warning:  some of these reports contain many colour images and will require a lot of ink in inkjet printers.