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Peer Reviewed

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Foray Related

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Fungi Topics

Mann H: Two loaves are better than one! Panellus serotinus and Panellus stipticus. Osprey 41 (3):17-18; 2010

Parmasto E, Voitk A: Why do mushrooms weep? Fungi 3(4):15-17; 2010

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Voitk A: Auricularia americana—jelly tree ear. Osprey 41:17; 2010

Voitk A: A bitter trap. Osprey 41:13; 2010

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GPS Topics

Schmelzer I, Street S: Lost? How to stay safe and assist searchers in finding you! Fungi 2(1):63-64; 2009

Voitk A: Lost! Using a GPS. Fungi 2(4):61-62; 2009.

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Risk Management

Burzynski M: Black bear encounters: Konrad Brook biodiversity field camp, Labrador. Osprey 40:9-11;2009

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