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OMPHALINA is now in its sixth year of publication. The link below contains a cumulative index of species, topics and authors in back issues from July 2010 to December 2013.


All back issues of OMPHALINA are archived on two separate sites. Once you have found the species or topic that interests you, “mouseover” the OMPHALINA tab on the navigation bar above. Choosing “Current Issue and ISSUU Archive” lets you read the current issue on-line in journal format, or download the issue you want from ISSUU. The “PDF Archive” option allows you to download the appropriate issue from our site.

In addition to our site and ISSUU, all back issues of OMPHALINA are archived at:

The Library and Archives Canada’s Electronic Collection

Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Queen Elizabeth II Library

(printed copy also archived at the university library)


Cumulative Indexes